Teachers 2017

Geoffrey Szuszkiewicz (Canada)


is a North American based hooper who has been body rocking inside the hoop for 10+ years performing, teaching and attending conventions on both sides of the Atlantic. He has studied and practiced the art of hoop dance diligently both through self exploration, and continual learning. In addition, he supplements his knowledge of the hoop by studying dance styles ranging from hip hop, vogue, jazz, and contemporary. He enjoys mixing movement styles from various backgrounds to transform them into something new. His hoop explorations focus heavily on dance and integrating hoop moves into our dance flow.











Expect to play with negative spaces, different rhythms and engaging every part of our bodies in this exploration.

Bex in Motion (Canada)


After finding hoop dance through an after school program in University, Bex and her hoop have been inseparable. Taking inspiration from her gymnastics and yoga background Bex integrates body and dance with the hoop. Based out of Toronto, Canada Bex has spent the past two summer’s performing her street show (The Bex in Motion Show) across Canada. She brings her quirky, light hearted nature to both her shows and classes. Her classes are taught with a sense of spontaneity, allowing each class to be a fun, one of a kind experience.

Cat Jameson (Uk)


Cat has been teaching in one form or another for many, many years. Her hoop teaching journey starting in 2010. A regular hula hoop teacher in Bristol, UK, Cat’s travelling workshops focus on creative flow, movement and release. Focusing on the relationship between body, music and hoop allows the participant to unlock the natural movement from within, to discover new moves and ways of interacting with the

                                                                              hoop and eventually, to dance like your

                                                                              unique self.


Paola Berton (Italy)


startet hooping in Uk 7 years ago.

She has been traveling all over the world to share with the best hoop dancers. The constant contact and interchange with dancers and jugglers is for her source of inspiration to create new ways to use the hula hoop. Indeed she incorporates all she gets from juggling, contemporary dance and contact improvisation. Paola is the organizer of Italian Hoop Connection, the annual retreat held in Italy in July since 2010. She teaches workshops for beginners and advances. In her teaching she combines a scientific approach with intuitions, she focus in breaking down everything in order to make every movement more clear and to give all the participants something to work on.










A variety of tricks we can do starting behind the back, throws, folds and different grips. This is a workshop to look for some ways to work with the hoop in a unusual plan and to create the “unexpected” move! We will use mostly one hoop, but we will see some moves with two hoops too.

Lisa Looping (Austria)


Based in Vienna  since 2001, Lisa loves to travel across the globe to spread the hooping fun while performing on stage and teaching workshops. 


8 years of show experience  make her performance and workshops a real highlight for any kind of event.  2008 she discovered her love for the hula hoop, since then most her life is circling around this fascinating object of infinite possibilities. She has passionately specialized in fire and multiple hooping with LEDs, UV/blacklight and Yoga-



Lisa is also a certified Aerial- and Hatha-Yoga teacher and organizing the first Austrian Hoop Convention in Vienna 14. – 17.8. 2014


Hoop Mandalas

Inspired by Sacred Geometry and traditional Native American Hoop Dance we will use our hoops to create beautiful Mandala shapes around our bodies. We will start with some simple variations with 2 and 3 hoops and will be adding more and more hoops towards the end, finishing with 6 hoops.


Yoga Hooping

This is the fusion of 2 of my most favourite movement arts. The combination of the benefits of both of them makes this symbiosis a very refreshing work out.

Yoga Hooping is not only a very efficient warm-up but also the perfect cool-down and stretch-out.

Thomas Foyk (Switzerland) 



is a Swiss flow and fire artist. Ever since getting hold of a pair of poi in New Zeland in 2007 he has only put them away to manipulate other objects like the levistick, iso-hoops and many more. The flow is his mission witch he lives whereever possible - at conventions, festivals or as a performer with diffren show groups.




















How doesent know the magical S staffs.Dive in in to the world of Buugeng and experience your own art of calm,concentratet and flowy movements in hypnotic patterns.