Teacher Line-Up Get the Ring 2018

Dizzy Dinamic



Alexis Collier also known as Dizzy Dynamic, is a hoop dance teacher and performer based out of Chicago. She has been teaching internationally and all over the US with her unique combos and tricks for the last 3 years after becoming a full time hoop instructor. Awarded Female Hooper of the Year 2016 & Instructor of the Year 2017, Alexis has found her passion in sharing her creativity with the hoop community.


Workshop Description: Let’s Get Hoop Tech Combos, coinflips, wedgies & more! This workshop is a fun variety of on and off body hoop tech. We will cover some of my favorite transitions and variations and learn how to make them into some killer combos. Come prepared to learn coinflips, bodyrolls, wedgies & folds! Best hoop sizes to use for this workshop is d 66-84 cm (26-33inch ) Hoops.

Rico Titou



Rico is traveler of the globe, teaching and performing with in the hoop. Rico is credited with the development the ''hyper-vertical'' hula hoop position or movement called Asymmetrical Angle Hooping. It is described as a technique to hoop vertically while keeping the body in an upright position. This effect is achieved with a combination of movements found in belly-dance and contact-staff skills. After 8 years playing hoop, Rico continues to reach new dimensions and and discovery within the hoop. He has taught hundreds of workshops worldwide.
He is an long time innovator of on-body hooping techniques. His unique angled style, and concepts of 'vertical shoulder hooping' have influenced hoopers world-wide. He's constantly pushing the boundaries of his own skill, incorporating into his hooping new objects, elements of local terrain, and stylized upper body motion. Come learn from one of the greatest hooping talents from France
This is an excellent opportunity to learn many aspects and variations of angled shoulder hooping.


Experience a different way to play with your Hoop, This workshop is for all levels, everyone can benefit from this unique workshop, just bring your heaviest hoop (best for contact hoop) and practice your chest hooping until the workshop

Ina Hoopina



Ina’s passion for Hoopdance startet in 2010 and accompanied her in various ways. She taught herself most of the hoop tricks and started teaching hoopdance in 2011 in Hannover.
Ina teaches and performs hoopdance in her hometown Göttingen, at juggling conventions, national and international hoop events such as Swhoop and TWEEK. Students appreciate her relaxed, thoroughly, patient and comprehensive teaching during her workshops, online classes and online tutorials. Ina is able to explain the most complicated move in a way that everyone in the class gets the trick! Her hooping style is affected from dance elements, poi style twin hooping and fearless fire hooping.
Ina runs the German Hoop Convention with friends and the event “HOOP! The Castle” in Germany.

Workshop: Weave variations The Weave is one of the basic off-body movements in hooping and can be easily combined with all the other vertical off-body tricks. This basic movement can be played in various ways and we will have a closer look a my favourites! You can look forward to combinations with isolations, palm spins and throws! The workshop is a twin hooping workshop, but you can easily play all the moves with only one hoop.

Geoffrey Szuszkiewicz (Canada)


Geoffrey Szuszkiewicz originates from Canada and is currently based in Berlin. He has been body-rocking inside the hoop for 12+ years and performing, teaching and attending conventions on both sides of the Atlantic. He studies and practices the art of hoop dance diligently, both through self-exploration and attending workshops. He enjoys mixing movement styles from various backgrounds to transform them into something new. His hoop explorations focus heavily on dance and integrating hoop moves into our dance flow, and his style is often considered one of a kind.



This workshop will focus primarily on off-body techniques with a large focus on isolation play, while still maintaining a focus on dance. It will consist of different drills to create typical isolations, cats-eye movements, around the body isolations, ghosting, two handed and one handed play, and using our other arm to find different shapes. We will play with different linear planes both horizontal and vertical. I want to introduce a couple concepts that illustrate control versus lack of control with the hoop. And of course, I will be pushing you all to find your own creative movement as well by bringing in dance elements and utilizing are whole bodies while playing with isolations. I also have a whole section on foldy off body movements ranging from one-handed helicopters, palm spins, to on and off body wobbles, and a couple coin tosses. 

Jewelz Hanssens




Jewelz Hanssens is Head Hoopologist at Jewelz A Hoopz
and founder of Hoopy Happenings – Australia’s first annual hula hooping retreat.
Hoop dance, “hooptales”, circus style hoops, hoop fitness and
creative play! She spins regular hoops, square hoops (Squoops!) and even heart shaped
hoops! For extra pizazz she’ll light up your life with LED hoops, fire hoops, fire fans and palm

Jewelz first met the hoop in 2006, in 2008 they travelled together and on that trip a strong
bond was forged. That plastic circle has spun her all over the world as a student and a
teacher. Jewelz and her hoops have taught hoops to all ages from 2yo – 85yo, at hula
hoop retreats, pre-schools, primary & high school, after-school care & vacation care,
libraries, women’s retreats, festivals, people with disabilities, those disadvantaged and
social circus in Asia.
Hoopy Loopy Happiness is her tag line and that’s exactly what she likes to bring to you.
Jewelz developed Hooptation when she was getting bored with her physio exercises and so she "hoopafied" the exercises. 
She then infused it with her love of breath and yoga. For a long time Jewelz made these flow sequences for herself but now she loves to share them. We start with our breath, taking time to focus on full deep breaths. Using the hoop to guide our spinal movement to promote a healthy spine, moving in all directions. Bringing our awareness to our breath with simple movements. It is also a great internal massage!

Thomas Foyk




is a Swiss flow and fire artist. Ever since getting hold of a pair of poi in New Zeland in 2007 he has only put them away to manipulate other objects like the levistick, iso-hoops and many more. The flow is his mission witch he lives whereever possible - at conventions, festivals or as a performer with diffren show groups.








Thomas will teach us how to dance with fibre flies.Cool moves and lots of fun its guaranteed


Rea Leuenberger



Rea Leuenbergers Passion in der Zusammenarbeit mit Menschen, ist die Sensibilisierung für die eigene Persöndlichkeit in der Bewegung. Jeder Moment ist eine neue Herausforderung, eine Entdeckung.


Workshop Fusion Flavour

In Fusion Flavour lernen wir unserer Bewegung Raum zu geben. Über die Improvisation nutzen wir den Energiefluss, die Atmung, unsere Sinne und setzen uns bewusst mit unserem Körper auseinander ohne zu Werten. Lösen Blockaden und verbinden das schöne.