Get The Ring 2019

Teacher Line Up

Tal Fransky



Tal started her hoop journey on 2014.

A dancer who specialized in modern and ballet dancing for 8 years.

She gave workshops for big international hoop events in Israel, al over Europe and the UK.


Tal graps her hoopdancing as a way for self expression.

Flowing together with a plastic circle and the attempt to find the delicate bond between the body and the space around us is a great way to finde the delicate bond between the body and the space around us is a great way to acquire self-balance and it`s viewed by Tal as a form of meditation.


Workshop :

Focussing on Tal`s unique style and individual tricks invented during her hoop-dance journey.

We will be exploring the world of off-body tricks!

Mixing coin-flips with isolations,folds & body-rolls.

Starting with breakdown of the tricks, we will be learning a COMBINATION of Tal`s favorite tricks and investigating how to connect these moves using a variaty of nice and easy connections.

These combinations are aimed to helping you find your own flow in every move, and use your whole body to dance with the hoop while seamlessly flowing from trick to trick.

We`re going to dance all together with fun and sassyness, influenced by Israeli roots with some great Arabic tunes.

Mike Hayataka



Mike has been hooping for over 8 years and in that time has fallen in love with hooping and teaching object manipulation technique. With his unique style and liquid flow he’s now taking his over 7 years of teaching experience to the flow community. His analytical teaching style informs intuitive, hard to explain concepts, through single technique-based breakdowns. With a successful international and domestic workshop portfolio he has taught at over 40 flow and hoop events over the last 4 years.



Perfect Chest Rolls

In this class we will learn how to do a super clean, basic chest roll. The focus is not on how many different kinds or variations, but how to have a perfectly controlled chest roll that has contact from finger to finger. Then, we will focus on variations. Mike has been doing chest rolls for about 2 years now, and it has been one of the most important moves in his practice. This move can truly show you that you are capable of anything, and that practice and dedication are worth it. If you have ever thought that you cannot do a chest roll with a hoop, PLEASE COME TO THIS CLASS!!!


Albino Plant
An engineer by day and hula hooper by night, Melissa takes a scientific approach to her hoop dance to concoct mind-melting manipulations. Once Melissa caught the hoop bug in September 2013, she was instantly hooked. Now, she teaches workshops at festivals, performs at events, and hosts private lessons. In fact, Melissa has taught more than 50 hoop workshops on completely different material! Apart from her hoop journey, Melissa also has a strong passion for sustainability and encourages everyone to help save the earth!
Tipper Tech
A “tipper” refers to a folding hoop manipulation where gravity helps the hoop tip over a part of the body. In this workshop, hoopers will explore many of the possibilities of these unique folds using both single and double hoops. We will learn to diversify our hoop flow by incorporating both our arms and legs into these “tipper” movements. An emphasis will be placed on transitions so all hoopers incorporate the new tech into their own flow.

Federica Pennetta



Federica Pennetta is an Italian hula hoop and aerial hoop performer. She has curly hair and, as they say in Italy: "every hedgehog is a whim". So getting out of common patterns it has always been a temptation! If her creativity needs to explode, it must necessarily come out in the form of a circle! But why do we have to be happy only with one? Since 2010, she studied hula hoop in several intensive workshops with some of the best international teachers. She also attended a variety of professional classes such as: dance, juggling, aerial ring, flexibility, acrobatic and clown with highly skilled teachers in order to expand her knowledge and to become a 360 degrees circus performer. In 2013, together with her partner in life Massimo Minervini and friend Cristiana Soldaini, they founded "The Circus Gang", a jugglers group whose training and creation activities are based in Pisa, Italy. With the group Federica regularly performs on stages and street shows and also actively teaches workshops for children and adults throughout Italy and Europe.



Playing with 1,2,3 and 4 hula hoops is very nice and desirable, but what makes what we do fluid for our sequences and appreciable at the eyes of the public? So many times it does not necessarily require so much technique, rather some clever strategy! In this workshop we will learn how to toss, divide, combine up to 4 hula for an excellent result of various tricks and we will also focus on how to present them: breathing, posture, expression and easy and cool transitions. A mix between multihooping and hoop-juggling and hoop-manipulation, this moment together will be a hotbed of creative research driven towards something new and personalized!


Buket Rin



Buket Rin is a very curious and determined hooper who likes to embody different styles and ideas. She is based in Sweden and like to tour around Europe whenever she can to share this passion of flow and fire. Apparently, hula hooping itself is not enough for her so she does whatever she can to add more skills from Sufi whirling to hat juggling and acrobatics to belly dance. Multihooping is also one of her favorites. Get ready for some fun and challenging workshops with full of new ideas! 

Lorena Bösiger



Lorena is a swiss flow artist who started to play poi in Mexico, about ten years ago. Around 2013 she intensified her passion for this lovely art. More tools and techniques such as Fans, Partner Poi, Buugeng, Double Stuff and Contact Stuff got added to the Pois. Meanwhile she combines all the tools in solo, double and multi people choreographys. While manipulating the tools she never forgets where she comes from: Dance.


Her unique style to involve the art of dance into her performance makes it look fluid and esthetical. Especially movements from Ballet, which she’s practicing since the age of 4, influence her body language.

At the moment she’s acting together with her fire dancing group «Chispa» around Switzerland, joins festivals and just enjoys to flow with good people.




Joy Dean aka Hoophustleflow is a alternative fitness teacher & and corporate wellness coach. One who left behind the grind of working in the corporate world to create opportunities for simplistic healthy lifestyles for the entire world. 



Hoop Flex Fusion is a way to do exactly that, fuse my love of play based fitness and yoga to birth something new, something exciting and fun. All while upholding the principles of safe and effective dynamic stretching, mental agility, enhancing mobility and balance. The perfect mix for our world weary bods. 



Noel Fehlmann



Noel is inwolved in flowarts since 2012, when he got his first pair of poi.

With the time he added tools like contact staff and dragon staff witch leaded him to triple staff in 2017. Triple Staff became his main tool beside of Poi.


He always strives to learn new things, steady growth as an artist is what makes the most fun and keeps him motivated.

As a creative artist he performed since 2015 at multible festivals and private events, both solo and in different groups.


Noel will return 2019 after a first performance at get the ring in 2018.

He will be teaching objectmanipulation with poi and staffs at the side worksops.