Teachers 2020

Lila Chupa-Hoops



started her hoop journey 9 years ago in Paris, France and it has been more than 6 years that she decided to quit her job to live the full experience as a hoop artist and teacher. Self taught, she built a diverse repertoire of performances, including emblematic vintage circusy acts that she plays all over Europe. Lila won her first title at the Geneva Burlesque Festival in 2015 with her rockabilly hooptease, mixing her circus skills to the traditionnal pin-up strip. Burlesque has been the starting point of her career so of course you can see this style quite predominant in her flow and dance. But that's not all ! Inspired by flowarts in general, Lila is attached to a rather technical style and working on various combos from 1 to 6 hoops as well as manipulating a wide range of objects (fans, dragonstaff, whips...). In 2017, she was awarded as European Hooper of the Year, Double Hooper of the Year and Best solo performance video, as a recognition to her work as a teacher, performer and creative artist in the hoop world.



Let’s learn some tricks ! This workshop will be a collection of combos using both arms and legs. Expect escalators, wedgies, coinflips and rolls but always executed in an elegant style, looking for incredible shapes and postures.

Caterina Suttin



Caterina Suttin is a avid traveler, artist, jeweler, dancer and hoop technician. She has been obsessed with all things hoop since 2009 and has taught and performed in 13 countries across 4 continents! Caterina is known for her unique approach to hoops, whether it be with 1, 2, 4 or 6 hoops, collaborating with groups or partners or her solo work. She always promises to surprise and delight with her ever-evolving connection to her hoops.


From the start of her hoop journey, Caterina has shared her in depth connection to hooping and its healing power. Bringing in intentional visualization and breath-work, as well as meditative hoop drills, has played a massive roll in the presence and control she has achieved within her hoop practice.


Teaching and sharing her love of the hoop is one of Caterina’s biggest passions. “I love seeing the joy and surprise on someone’s face when they learn a new trick or discover a new pathway. It is one of my favorites things! I love taking complex hoop techniques and breaking them down into steps that are accessible to anyone.”



Rocking and Rolling

In this class we will dive into some of my favorite combos using hoop rolls and tosses with one and two hoops. We will be rolling the hoops on our hands and bodies while tossing the second hoop to switch hands. We will also play with a variety of rolls to and from an Ocho / 8 / infinity grip and explore some super fun multiplexes! Many of these techniques took me several years to master, but along the way I’ve discovered some great drills, and tips that will help bring these show-stopping tricks into the body in a surprisingly accessible way

Emma Kenna Kerr



Emma discovered hooping in 2007 while she doing her PhD.  She hung up her lab coat in 2010 and took the leap into full time hooping. She has never looked back! Emma is a hugely experienced teacher and is known internationally as a master of leg tricks and twin hoops. Emma’s combination of high technical expertise, extensive teaching experience, enthusiasm for sharing and love of laughter make her hard to forget! 



Legs - Fun ways to incorporate your legs into your flow. Think wedgies, foot spins, breaks, rolls, throws and more.

Carla Rose Cahulahoops



Carla Rose is a Hula Hoop artist and teacher based in London, UK.

After making the leap to become a full time Hula professional 3 years ago, Carla has never looked back & has made it her mission to spread the Hoop love to as many people as possible! She teaches weekly Hoop Tricks and HulaFit classes, has performed at a number of high-profile events & holds 2 Guinness World Records with Hoop Troupe The Majorettes.

Officially qualified as a HulaFit and Dance fitness instructor, she is now the Director of alternative fitness brand HulaFit and teaches Hula Hooping in all its forms as a great way to stay happy, healthy and fit, but most of all, have fun. Carla has also taught internationally at Hoop retreats including Hoop & Wellness Ibiza and SWhoop.



This Two hoop workshop is designed to get you spinning and turning with your twins, unlocking flow and enabling you to have freedom of movement!

Originally coming from a poi background, Carla will be focussing on turning crosses with both hoops spinning at the same time and looking at various creative transitions to connect this with your other moves.


This technique will open up new flow potential, enabling you to move around & enhance your twin creativity while improving your co-ordination.


Perfect for all levels! Beginners will get to grips with a fantastic twin hoop technique and more experienced hoopers will get further challenges thrown at them.

Matylda Gorska



Circus artist, dancer, performer.

She's been into performing arts ever since she can remember: theatre, dance and circus art. She started hooping in 2010 and quickly became addicted to it. Her main point of interest the relation between the body and the object. In her acts she seeks the movement and the creative approach to hooping. She tries to correlate tricks with dance to create the unique, compelling universe.


Recently she has been performing and teaching workshops all over the Europe and abroad, e.g. in Israel, France, Belgium, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Slovenia and - of course - Poland.

Her solo hoop act won the 1st prize on the Polish National New Circus Competition "Cyrkulacje" in 2016.



The workshop demonstrates the ways of hooping on the on the floor. How to get there, how to hoop on the floor and how to get up. How to roll all around the place feeling comfortable and how to use your favourite tricks in this postion.

It's inspired by floorwork moves from breakdance, contemporary dance and my own research.

 Video about Matyldas Worksshop


Franto Frantic



is a comedian with a diploma of Nouveau Clown Institute in Barcelona. After graduating Philosophy (2008) and New Media on Fine Arts academy (2018), he decided to become a professional comedy actor. For over 15 years he dedicates his life to entertain people and make them laugh. Due to his character transformations on stage he is called “A man of 1000 faces” and “Chameleon”.

A master in his field, he is going to teach the workshop about a stage presence and character creation with the hoop.









Hoop & comedy

What kind of stories can you tell with your hoop?

Can you make people laugh? Or maybe you prefer to be serious?

In both cases, this workshop is for you.

Have a great fun with hoops in a theatrical way, while creating a character and a story. The hoop is going to become your partner and the tool in exercises. There will be a lot of laugh and fun, but at the end you will be more conscious about the story-telling and the character-creation.

The Workshop is based on exercises/games to explore your character, stage presence and relation to the hoop. Using his own specific approach (“Performing manuals”), teacher is leading you to discover your unique ways to perform.


Frantos Teaser

Noel Fehlmann



Noel is inwolved in flowarts since 2012, when he got his first pair of poi.

With the time he added tools like contact staff and dragon staff witch leaded him to triple staff in 2017. Triple Staff became his main tool beside of Poi.


He always strives to learn new things, steady growth as an artist is what makes the most fun and keeps him motivated.

As a creative artist he performed since 2015 at multible festivals and private events, both solo and in different groups.