Teachers 2022

Taylor Flows



Her flow arts career started back in 2014 when she purchased her first hula hoop. Only a year after Taylor had started her journey, she was receiving national bookings to perform at festivals and events. Taylor has performed all over the United States at festivals, parades, and private parties ever since. What started off as performances with a single hula hoop began to evolve into double hoops, fire hoops, fire fans, fire dragon staff, fire poi, and fire eating. 


 Taylor has become a vastly successful international instructor, teaching single hoop, double hoop, multiple hoops, and fan tech. She has been around the globe from from Malaysia, to  France,  Austria, West Canada, to many retreats around the US and many more international and national retreats on the horizon.



Double Trouble

Tired of the same old combos or looking to

sharpen up the basics with doubles and expand upon your doubles flow with new and unique combos? Let's get into some double trouble! We will be learning some of my favorite doubles moves and branching off into some super fun combos to keep things cohesive and interesting. This class will be different combos every time it is taught!

All levels are welcome!

Lila Chupa-Hoops



started her hoop journey 9 years ago in Paris, France and it has been more than 6 years that she decided to quit her job to live the full experience as a hoop artist and teacher. Self taught, she built a diverse repertoire of performances, including emblematic vintage circusy acts that she plays all over Europe. Lila won her first title at the Geneva Burlesque Festival in 2015 with her rockabilly hooptease, mixing her circus skills to the traditionnal pin-up strip. Burlesque has been the starting point of her career so of course you can see this style quite predominant in her flow and dance. But that's not all ! Inspired by flowarts in general, Lila is attached to a rather technical style and working on various combos from 1 to 6 hoops as well as manipulating a wide range of objects (fans, dragonstaff, whips...). In 2017, she was awarded as European Hooper of the Year, Double Hooper of the Year and Best solo performance video, as a recognition to her work as a teacher, performer and creative artist in the hoop world.



After the success of the online double wedgie workshop I curated during lockdown last year, I am very happy to be teaching it in person at Get The Ring 2022.

Through various combos, we will discover what are the key elements for including wedgies in your twin practice and create beautiful 3 dimensions visuals. We'll break down each hand individually and sort out the timing together.

I highly recommand to be comfortable with escalators and wedgies to fully benefit from the class. You have 4 months from now to polish those moves

Emma Kenna Kerr



Emma discovered hooping in 2007 while she doing her PhD.  She hung up her lab coat in 2010 and took the leap into full time hooping. She has never looked back! Emma is a hugely experienced teacher and is known internationally as a master of leg tricks and twin hoops. Emma’s combination of high technical expertise, extensive teaching experience, enthusiasm for sharing and love of laughter make her hard to forget! 




Legs Legs and more Legs (1 hoop)

Welcome to the weird, wonderful and under-explored world of leg and foot hooping :) This workshop is all about tricks with the legs and feet while standing up! We’ll be learning some foot passes/throws, leg breaks, ticktocks and foot rolls.  Many of these tricks are also really fun to use as pick ups so they will turn your 'drops' into perfect 'show-off' opportunities :)  These moves are my favourites and I'm excited to share with you at Get the Ring! See you there!
Bare feet is best for this workshop but you can take the class in shoes if you prefer.
A hoop that is the same size or smaller than your inside leg length will make some moves easier but all hoop sizes will work 

Carla Rose Cahulahoops



Carla Rose is a Hula Hoop artist and teacher based in London, UK.

After making the leap to become a full time Hula professional 3 years ago, Carla has never looked back & has made it her mission to spread the Hoop love to as many people as possible! She teaches weekly Hoop Tricks and HulaFit classes, has performed at a number of high-profile events & holds 2 Guinness World Records with Hoop Troupe The Majorettes.

Officially qualified as a HulaFit and Dance fitness instructor, she is now the Director of alternative fitness brand HulaFit and teaches Hula Hooping in all its forms as a great way to stay happy, healthy and fit, but most of all, have fun. Carla has also taught internationally at Hoop retreats including Hoop & Wellness Ibiza and SWhoop.




Matylda Gorska



Circus artist, dancer, performer.

She's been into performing arts ever since she can remember: theatre, dance and circus art. She started hooping in 2010 and quickly became addicted to it. Her main point of interest the relation between the body and the object. In her acts she seeks the movement and the creative approach to hooping. She tries to correlate tricks with dance to create the unique, compelling universe.


Recently she has been performing and teaching workshops all over the Europe and abroad, e.g. in Israel, France, Belgium, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Slovenia and - of course - Poland.

Her solo hoop act won the 1st prize on the Polish National New Circus Competition "Cyrkulacje" in 2016.



The workshop demonstrates the ways of hooping on the floor. How to get there, how to hoop on the floor and how to get up. How to roll all around the place feeling comfortable and how to use your favourite tricks in this postion.

It's inspired by floorwork moves from breakdance, contemporary dance and my own research.

 Video about Matyldas Worksshop


Rea Leuenberger Movin' Inspiration



Ihr Leben ist ein Tanz!

Seit ihrer Ausbildung zur Tanz- und Gymnastiklehrerin SBTG, bildet sie sich ständig im In- und Ausland weiter. Die meiste Inspiration fand sie bei ihren längeren Aufenthalten in den Tanzstudios des lebendigen New Yorks. Auch bei ihren vielen Reisen, sammelt sie immer wieder neue Impulse, die sie in ihre Arbeit einfliessen lässt. Ihre Passion in der Zusammenarbeit mit Menschen ist die Sensibilisierung der eigenen Persönlichkeit in der Bewegung. Jeder Moment ist eine neue Herausforderung, Ihre Stunden sind eine Entdeckungsreise, wandelbar, inspirierend und voller Lebensfreude. Ihre Jahrelange Bühnenerfahrung und erfolgreiche Tätigkeit als Tänzerin, Choreografin und Personal Coach nutzt sie neben der Tanzschule auch für zahlreiche   Jugendkulturprojekte und Camps.



Early Bird Morning Flow

In diesem Workshop verbindet Rea, eine bewegte Körperreise mit Yoga Elementen und Movement. Du fühlst dich erholt und motiviert, dein Geist ist wach und Glückshormone durchströmen deinen Körper.



Noel Fehlmann



Noel is inwolved in flowarts since 2012, when he got his first pair of poi.

With the time he added tools like contact staff and dragon staff witch leaded him to triple staff in 2017. Triple Staff became his main tool beside of Poi.


He always strives to learn new things, steady growth as an artist is what makes the most fun and keeps him motivated.

As a creative artist he performed since 2015 at multible festivals and private events, both solo and in different groups.


Workshop: TBA