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Scientist by day and flow artist by night, Meghan (Ohmega) Ferguson is constantly experimenting, both in the lab and in her free time. Flow arts has become an essential pillar of her life, which has become a creative outlet to balance the scientific part of her brain. Ohmega started hooping in Alberta, Canada in 2011 and quickly became addicted to all types of prop manipulation, from dragonstaff to buugeng. Her love for music and dance is influenced by her science career, which culminates as a mesmerizing blend of technicality and flow. She loves sharing her knowledge and is always up for a challenge!


Paola Berton



Paola Berton began hula hooping professionally in 2008 during her time in the UK. Initially self-taught, she then followed courses all over the world, collaborating and learning from internationally renowned choreographers, dancers, acrobats, actors and jugglers. In 2018 she graduated in Thai Massage at the International Thai Massage School, a study that provides her with further important knowledge of the body that helps her in her teaching and practice.

Paola brings her shows and workshops throughout Italy, she has been invited to teach abroad in many countries including Austria, United Kingdom, France, Ireland, Switzerland, Slovenia, Germany, Dubai, India, Indonesia, South Africa, Norway. In several years of teaching she developed an effective method, based on the detailed simplification of every single movement and on the creative stimulation of the participants. In her workshops, a lot of importance is given to the creative part and all the exercises are aimed at increasing body awareness. She is the creator and organiser of the Italian Hoop Connection, event born in 2011 awaited and known by practitioners from all over Europe.


Lee Jeffries



Lee Jeffries is a southeastern based performance artist that has been specializing in a fusion of dance and hooping for over a decade.


He began learning multiple props under the direction of the team at Arkansas Circus Arts in Little Rock. Since then, Lee has had the wonderful opportunity to work with such companies as Facebook, Rowdy Mermaid, and Lumia Dance Company in varying capacities from performer, instructor, and choreographer.


Lee strides to cultivate community and collaboration amongst those who cross his path, and encourage all to express and share their perspective through movement!


Eshna Kutty



Eshna Kutty, from India, is a Hoop Dancer, Expressive Art Therapist, and the founder of Hoop Flo. She has conducted international workshops and organized Hoop Flo tours within her country. Her hoop style is groovy, influenced by all the dance forms she's deep-dived into.


Notably, she's the only Nike ambassador and athlete representing dance and movement in India.


It'll be her second time teaching in Switzerland but first time at Get The Ring and she couldn't be happier!

Aneta Joke



Aneta is passionate hooper from Czech Republic and her hoop journey started about 10 years ago. She loves getting techy with multiple hoops and shows the other side of her introvert soul on the stage.


Her workshops are always filled with the newest discoveries and crazy variations for all hoop nerds. You could learn from her multiple times at SWHOOP, Hoopy Happenings or juggling festivals all over Europe. Beside solo performing, she is part of physical theatre performance for kids, she loves handstands, calligraphy and she is always keen to learn new skills. Her heart project is online hoop shop, where she is able to bring high quality props for hoopers from all over the world.

Hoop Momo


I discovered the hula hoop at a festival in Slovakia in 2011.
The hula hoop has accompanied me in my life ever since.
I taught myself autodidactically and get inspired by breakdance.
My great passion is to merge hoopdance and breakdance into new combos and develop a new type of movement.
I have been teaching at festivals such as the Fusion 2023 and at several workshop projects.
What I love about teaching is creating a bigger hoop world with even more possibilities for the movement and the joy on faces when a new trick feels like one with the body.


See Ying



See Ying Yip (HoopSpirit) discovered hooping in the summer of 2011 and has been smitten ever since. Looking for an inexpensive way to lose weight she first started with a heavy 1kg 40 hoop, but quickly discovered the exciting world of hoopdance. Since then, she has travelled the world, attending workshops and countless hoop conventions, learning from world-class instructors. See Ying is best known in the hoop community for her seamless doubles and mind-bending twin hoop tech, and amazing quad hooping. She has taught and performed at numerous hoop and juggling events, including Phoenix Fire Convention 2017, Brighton Flow Festival Summer 2018, Whoop-C – the Welsh Hoop Convention 2018, the British Juggling Convention 2018, Manchester Hoop Congress 2020, Hoopstice °66 – 2022 in Iceland, Birmingham Hoop Fest 2023 and the European Juggling Convention 2023. See Ying is currently expanding into multiples, hooping juggling, is working on flexibility and acrobatics, and has taken up club juggling. She is heavily involved in the larger spinning community, and looks at ways to combine hoop tech, dance and acrobatics, and is heavily influenced by other circus props.



Rea Leuenberger



Ihr Leben ist ein Tanz!

Rea Leuenberger, fand schon früh zu ihrer Leidenschaft dem Tanzen.
Als Kind im Garten der Nonna hat alles begonnen...

Durch ihre Neugierde und Faszination, kam sie mit den verschiedensten Tanz- und Stilarten in Berührung. Seit ihrer Ausbildung zur Tanz- und Gymnastiklehrerin SBTG, bei Katrin Piller und Ursula Dietrich (1993-1995), bildet sie sich ständig im In- und Ausland weiter. Die meiste Inspiration fand sie bei ihren längeren Aufenthalten in den Tanzstudios des lebendigen New Yorks. Auch bei ihren Reisen, bei denen sie die ganze Welt entdeckt und neue Impulse sammelt, die sie wieder in ihre Arbeit einfliessen lässt. In Ihren Tanz- und Bewegungskursen setzt sie auf Individualität und fördert das eigene Movement.

Ihre Passion in der Zusammenarbeit mit Menschen ist die Sensibilisierung der eigenen Persönlichkeit in der Bewegung. Jeder Moment ist eine neue Herausforderung, Ihre Stunden sind eine Entdeckungsreise, wandelbar, inspirierend und voller Lebensfreude.

Luca Stahl